{NEW}Stella Nova – Nebula Necklace


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Part of the NEW Stella Nova Collection inspired by classic 1950s & 1960s science fiction. Explore the depths of space and discover new galaxy's with a hint retro styling. Exciting tales of hope, wonder and adventure from the era of classic sci-fi.

Statement stunning necklace, look to the stars and see shining far away star systems. Titanium galaxy's swirl and shine in rich blue and purple tones with far off asteroid belts, super nova's and gas clouds floating in the depths of space.

15 galaxy's form a linked Nebula necklace, each individual galaxy is different from the one next to it. The galaxy's are joined by simple silver rings with every other galaxy's highlighted by a textured shining silver stars.

The necklace is finished with twin cosmically textured stars and a handmade silver clasp.

Each titanium galaxy is individual. The cosmic galaxy effect is created by hand for each piece of jewellery, this means your galaxy will be completely unique. No 2 are ever the same!

Galaxy's 25mm across
Total length 48 cm (19") approximately

All pieces are packaged in Sian Bostwick Jewellery packaging ready to be treasured. Gift wrap available on request.

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